Hi, I'm               Darlene Adams

Thanks for visiting my page. I am a Canadian born life long learner with a zest for living life to the full. I have lived in several different countries on 3 continents and consider Ghana my home. I am an educator at heart and seek to bring reform to the 21st century learning environment.

I'm so happy for your visit.


My Amazing Husband

I married my best friend in 2004 and together we have made our way from country to country, learning to support and love each other through every new challenge that came our way. He is passionate about helping people and about football. He is kind, patience and a solid presence in my life.

A Very Small Part of my Story

After graduating from university in the early nineties, I moved to Denver, Colorado for a new adventure. I worked for a non-profit organization, creating and implementing after school tutoring and adult literacy programs. I had always known that I loved teaching but in Denver, I realized that I had great compassion for those whose options are not visible to them and who are struggling to find a way out from under their self inflicted and society inflicted sorrows. I knew then that mainstream education was not for me. 

Since that time I have traveled across our globe with an open heart and an open mind to experience new places, new people and new cultures; immersing myself in the experience of learning as I sought to also impart what I had learned to others.  

After living in Denver for 2 years, I moved to Toronto where I worked for a community centre whose aim was to provide housing, education and employment options for the members of the community. I later worked with immigrants teaching literacy and math skills so that they could find suitable employment. 

Korea was my next big adventure. I packed two suitcases to the brim with some essentials and hopped on a plane saying I would stay for a year but ended up staying eight years. It was in Korea that I met my husband. From there we moved to Canada for 7 years where I opened my own learning centre teaching reading and math to children. I also developed an English as a Second Language (ESL) program consisting of primarily women from the Middle East. We then decided to experience the Middle East for ourselves and moved to Oman and later the UAE where I taught ESL to college students and high school students respectively. In 2019, we established ourselves in our own home in Ghana, where I began to focus my efforts on teacher training. 

With the onset of covid in March 2020 and the whole world taking a pause on regular activity, I was able to take the opportunity for some reevaluation which included some personal and professional development.  I began some research on critical thinking skills; thinking through ways of developing higher order thinking in children. 

Please click to take a look at an excerpt from my soon to be published book.

My research led me down a rabbit hole that guided me through the incredible research that has been made into early childhood development and its impact on future achievement. There have been huge leaps toward understanding how the brain works and the importance of proper development in the early years to promote life long personal, educational and occupational success. Thanks to the surge of online learning, I was able to attend multiple virtual conferences and seminars to learn as much as I could from experts in the varying aspects of early childhood development and 21st century learning. 

Throughout my life I have learned that there is so much more to learning and education than sitting in a classroom. It is important for one to engage with the world using all of the senses. I plan to use the time that I have to do my part in raising the bar of educational services provision. 

I am very excited to be alive and thriving at this point in time in history. Change is coming at us fast and furiously and it is exhilarating to witness and even be a part of it. I am looking forward to the future and continuing to do all that I can to have a positive impact in the educational arena.